Want to jump into the no-code and decentralized web? We are hiring and needing technical minded, world changing individuals.

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We are looking for forward thinking individuals.

Understand, that the role will involve multiple segments and companies, under the UnlockedX umbrella.

Give us a 1 minute elevator pitch of yourself.

All applicants should list their portfolio or website (linkedin, ect.). No Resume is necessary.

We also want to see or hear you! Tell us what you are working on, or a project you are passionate about with a video. This video should be 1 minute long and should be a screen share of your idea or project (even if it's a napkin drawing or diagram) explaining you, your background and something you love to do.

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You are in good company

We’re a mission driven no-code first company. And we are entirely Remote.


We’re in this game to help people around the world create, manage and succeed with their businesses and that’s our mission going forward.

"I started as a freelancer working out of Burger King. I was working on a magazine, Digital Computer Arts, and for multiple contractors. I can't just have one job. And I don't want you to have just one either. We hire entrepreneurs. We are a collective."

Tayler Freund
Partner, CEO UnlockedX
Nhan Tran
Lead Developer
Tayler Freund
Partner, UnlockedX
Yair Korin
Partner,  UnlockedX
Leonardo Matter
Cristi Ghui
Lead Designer

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We encourage everyone to apply, even if you don’t check all the boxes.