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UnlockedX is a Venture Builder and accelerator for Web3 & No-Code and fast paced startups.

We teach, guide and contribute to companies to move faster without code.

We believe that in the next 50 years, most software will have a portion of its technology built with No-Code and based on the Decentralization model. We believe that if a company uses these technologies, they will increase their validated learning, iterations, and innovation. These companies will be worth more, go to market quicker and touch more lives, positively. We are investing in that.




  • Harness cutting edge automation and tools to accelerate data prep and deliver better quality AI.
What is unlocked x?

We make big "hero-section" statements. From courses to market, we believe in growing the no-code and web3 communities. We are committed to connecting to partners, experts, and mentors, through course and digital merchandise. Through communities, we accelerate our built tools, test experiments and foster deeper human connections.

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World Class Designers and Developers.

We help you get to the finish line faster by allowing you to get designs that pay attention to customer needs, immediately.

BrandWeld - An Award winnning No-Code Studio

We act as a collective that allows seasoned entrepreneurs from within our network to share resources (capital, skills, and market expertise). Those resources then power equity joint-ventures that operate in areas where the venture partners have a significant competitive advantage (an existing business, traction, superior market knowledge, dedicated operational resources, etc.).

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Faster. Than. Ever.

Using No-Code, you can create extraordinary value for end consumers faster than ever and we help you get there.

No-Code techniques allow for fast-paced applications so that companies can launch their ideas at record speed. By doing so, they can challenge the status quo, test their products quickly to their core-audiences and focus their features to only those that make the largest impact.

We got lucky. We have a team of award winning designers that are fluid in Webflow, Memberstack, Bildr, Bubble, Ycode and other No-Code tools. We have a portfolio that tackle real world problems. Note that many of the products and companies are usually a mix of No-Code and Low-Code (ie, we ahve used custom scripting either within the platform, or have use the No-Code platform as frontend development that was exported and injected with code). All marketing sites must be executed in No-Code so that the brand can continuous respond to market changes.

About us

Product designs meets idea and executed in No-Code

We partner with startups and those that want to be on the best build path out there. We generally don't have to convince others how better it is to visually develop. Sometimes it takes some training. And honestly, it's not just about the work. It's about the community that's been built, and the connections made. Join us in this amazing mission.


Your UI UX On-Demand Design Powerhouse. No hiring. No hourly. Fixed monthly rate for all your design needs.

Tool Used:
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We inspire those to create greatness by learning No-Code and design techniques. We are a new age learning platform that transcends screen shares with a community of creators in a step by step, guided lessons and short bootcamps.

Tool Used:
Webflow Exported to Elementor
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Sister company to BuildWeld, we harness the Freelancer enterprise to create brillant experiences for the web using Webflow, Bubble, Adalo, Ycode and more. Crafted design, polished sites in 10x the time.

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The Envato of the No-Code Industry. We believe that the next big tech company will be built with No-Code. We are creating templates to power them.

Tool Used:
Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable, Zapier
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Easy way to Productize your Services. If you're sending clients to a custom-built order form you're missing out on subscription revenue, a referral program, or a client login where they could check orders and make repeat purchases.

Tool Used:
Figma, Webflow, (Low-Code with Larval)
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"I started as a freelancer working out of Burger King. I was working on a magazine, Digital Computer Arts, and for multiple contractors. I can't just have one job. And I don't want you to have just one either. We hire entrepreneurs. We are a collective."

Tayler Freund, Partner, UnlockedX
" No-code AI provides more efficient solutions to the manual processes of data research & analysis."
"The market will grow from USD $3.8 billion in 2017 to USD $21.2 billion by 2022. Up up up we go."
Hello Guru
"Gartner projects that by 2025, 65% of all app development will be done on No-Code Development Platforms!"